Musical Theatre Nerd Alert–Ep. 5

“Randall!”  Though the Nerd Alert series is littered with inside jokes, one that didn’t make it is the now iconic way our class pronounces the name “Randall.”  One day, our dearest Randall offered a snide remark at some situation, and Liv retorted with a look and a delivery of his name that was one half chastising, one half exasperated, and one pinch Danish.

When it comes to names in musical theatre, the layman might not recognize the name Harold Arlen, and yet his songs are among the most recognizable of the 20th Century.  Most notably, he wrote “Over the Rainbow” and other numbers for The Wizard of Oz.  His massive contributions to the Great American Songbook include “I’ve Got the World on a String,” “Get Happy,” and “Stormy Weather.”  Undoubtedly, most Americans know his songs even if they don’t know his name.

The ladies of #sdsumtmfa16 did a great job starting off the series, but now it’s the guys’ turn.  After Randall, Kikau will be sharing all the ways that Loesser is greater.  I’ll be wrapping up the series with the incomparable Jule Styne.  Then, season two?  We’ll see.

PREVIOUSLY:  Episode 4–Julia on Rodgers and Hart

UP NEXT:  Episode 6–Kikau on Frank Loesser

Musical Theatre Nerd Alert!

“Hey, nerds!”  You might want to get accustomed to hearing that, because it is the standard greeting for the MFAs.  Also, we are ramping up a huge project that will put that moniker all over the internet, which, as you know, makes a thing permanent–and true.  When I say “huge project,” I should explain.  Our professor Rob wrote a component into this semester’s History of Musical Theatre class that involves creating and posting some of our findings on the internet.  Basically, we want to share the riches of the SDSU Musical Theatre Archive with “all y’all.”  (N.B.-50% of the MFA class and 33% of my roommates are from the South, and it is apparently rubbing off on me.)

So, the MFA’s, being A+ students…went a little A+ on this project.  Not satisfied with some chintzy iPhone video, we created a new series called “MUSICAL THEATRE NERD ALERT.”  We are all pretty excited.  Not only do we get to share a little of our passion for musical theatre, but also we are able to show our old friends just how crazy our new friends are.  We crammed this series full of MFA-isms, jokes, and–oh, yes–facts, too.  It also demonstrates something I love about our class:  we do everything full out.

Start the series here.

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