About Bradley J.




Bradley J. Behrmann

Actor • Music Director • Educator

That’s what my business card says.  These days, I feel like my bio is best described in dualities.

  • I’m a Midwesterner living on the West Coast:  born and raised in Belleville, IL and now living and studying in San Diego, CA.
  • I’m a teacher back in school: taught high school music and journalism for nine years in St. Louis and now pursuing my MFA in Musical Theatre from San Diego State University.
  • I’m not sure which side of the table I prefer:  I’m a music director who likes to sing, and an actor who likes to direct.

Suffice it to say, I have a feeling my “About” section is going to evolve in the next two years.  And then maybe I’ll order new business cards.




3 thoughts on “About Bradley J.

    • Thanks for the question! Whether to pursue a BFA or not is certainly a loaded question. Here are two facets of my answer.

      If what you’re asking is whether a DEGREE is necessary to pursue acting, I am going to go out on a limb and say: YES. We’ve only just met, and so you know your situation/dreams/goals much better than me. Certainly, Broadway history is filled with people who head off to NYC with little schooling and enjoy illustrious careers. But, I think the future of musical theatre is going to belong to smart people who have gone to school.

      If you’re asking whether a BFA specifically is essential to pursue acting, I am going to go out on a limb and say: NO. I am a product of conservatory training–Lawrence University Class of 2004–and so I earned a B.Mus. in undergrad. The rigor of conservatory life suited me. But Lawrence is also a college of liberal arts, and that suited me too. If a young actor is heading off into the world with loads of artistic training, but no concept of history, philosophy, literature, or things that put our art form into context, then they will be ill-equipped for a life in theatre.

      Everyone has their own path. The main thing is to keep learning. For some, that takes place in a formal, institutional setting. For others, that’s not where they will thrive.



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