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It’s no secret that I go to school with ridiculously talented–and take a look at that photo, BEAUTIFUL–people at SDSU.  But aside from being performers, educators, creators, and scholars, we are also bloggers.  This week’s post is a little shout-out to them.

First up is Liv, our resident Dane.  On her blog–which you can read here–she documents her adventures in America and provides some quirky Danish perspective.  She will also be part of a huge new musical work in Denmark this summer.  I can’t wait to read all about that creative process.

Next is the social media guru himself, Kikau.  After you learn how to properly say his name–that’s KEY-cow–you should learn that this a man to follow.  He’s been doing the New York thing for awhile and once he finishes at SDSU, this guy is going to take the director/choreographer world by storm.  Find his daily thoughts here.

Lastly, there’s Jessica.  Though the baby of the #sdsumtmfa16, she has brains, talent, and chutzpah in spades.  She recently joined the roster of bloggers for NewMusicalTheatre.com, and her most recent post–which you can find here–just went up today!

A couple of others in our cohort have some things in the works, and so you may be hearing about some of those projects in future posts of mine.  Also worth mentioning is that if you haven’t checked out the blog for The Great American Trailer Park Musical,find it here.  Our dramaturgs and cousins in MFA-land–Andrea and Shane–have been working hard on sharing all sorts of hilarious content in preparation for our opening this Friday.  Speaking of opening, I need to get back to combing my mullet.

2 thoughts on “#sdsumtmfa16 on the Blogosphere

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