Musical Theatre Nerd Alert–Ep. 7

Hey, nerds!

Over the course of this past year, our class studied dozens of composers.  Some fell into specific categories:  we studied virtuosos like Gershwin and Hamlisch; we studied musicologists like Yeston and Tesori; and we studied tunesmiths like Berlin and Arlen.  The tunesmiths were a remarkable breed in that they were able to dip into a seemingly bottomless pool of melodies and continually draw forth something fresh.  King among them was Jule Styne.  Right now, my two-year-old roommate Rebekah is watching Peter Pan; did you know that Jule Styne wrote a great deal of that music?  And how about Gypsy, the pinnacle of the Golden Age book musical?  Yep, he wrote that too.

Serving as your host and guide through the life and music of Jule Styne:  yours truly, Bradley J.

Well, folks, that’s a wrap on this season of Musical Theatre Nerd Alert.  Does your inner nerd feel fortified?  We would love some feedback.  Comment below or on our YouTube page about what you thought of this series.  If we did a season two, what would you like to see?

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Musical Theatre Nerd Alert–Ep. 6

Some scholars of musical theatre call Guys & Dolls the perfect musical.  Today Kikau will be telling us all about its creator, Frank Loesser.  If you managed to get out of high school and college without being in a production of one of his big three shows–Guys & Dolls, The Most Happy Fella, and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying–then you may want to ask for a refund on your diploma or degree.

Though I’ve already introduced Kikau to you in a previous post, it’s worth mentioning again that he is our resident social media guru.  He has more handles than a Schwinn factory.  Among them, he curates the Instagram account for our class–@sdsumtmfa–and does a bang-up job.  Also, make sure to see him in La Jolla Playhouse’s Up Here before it closes September 6.

Enjoy these Loesser-known facts.

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UP NEXT:  Episode 7–Bradley on Jule Styne

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