Musical Theatre Nerd Alert–Ep. 4

Hey, nerds!

Before there was Rodgers and Hammerstein, there was a different “R&H”:  Rodgers and Hart.  Today, we meet “Dick and Larry”, as well as yet another fabulous member of the MFA class, Julia Cuppy.  Aside from being a terrific carpool buddy and fellow former high school teacher, you also might be interested to know that she is the Executive Producer of Libretto Media, who produced our web series.  Musical Theatre Nerd Alert is the first project for this fledgling company, and it really wouldn’t have taken off had it not been for Julia.

Back to our duo du jour, Rodgers and Hart had a difficult partnership at times, but it was one that produced some remarkable songs.  Dick’s completely hummable melodies combined with Larry’s clever lyrics made them an impressive team.  Enjoy episode three!

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UP NEXT:  Episode 5–Randall on Harold Arlen

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