Musical Theatre Nerd Alert Goes Live!

Hey, nerds.  It has been too long.  Seriously.  Too.  Long.

Though the road to H-E-double-hockey-sticks is paved with good excuses, here are mine:  I was finishing the first year of grad school, revising my new musical, and doing two shows.  It kicked my A-double-snakes.  Sorry for the hiatus, but I do have some fun things to show you over the coming months.

In a previous post, I shared a number of photos of the MFAs creating a new web series called Musical Theatre Nerd Alert.  This series is now live, and we will be releasing new webisodes throughout the summer.  These cheeky little vids are crammed with facts about your favorite musical theatre creators along with a few–maybe more than a few–jokes.  We start with Jessica nerding out over Jerome Kern, the “Father of American Musical Theatre.”  Check it out and share it with all the nerds you know!

UP NEXT:  Episode 2–Liv on Irving Berlin

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