We’re social.

Exciting things are coming for 7HalfCents.com.

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to readers and subscribers of the blog.  Musical theatre nerds–a term of endearment, mind you–are some of the most passionate people on the planet.  7HalfCents.com is meant to be a place to delight in that passionate nerdiness.


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The biggest news is that we are finally getting social.  FOLLOW us on Twitter and LIKE us on Facebook.  Most of the promotion for this site previously came from my personal social media accounts, and I can only imagine how my non-musical theatre friends have grown tired of it.  Wait a minute…nevermind, I don’t have non-musical theatre friends.  Anyway, 7HalfCents.com is looking to broaden its audience.  Invite a musical theatre friend to check us out.

Part and parcel of this development involves bringing on other writers and creators to share their content on this blog.  I encourage you to check out this video for more information on how you or someone you know could become a contributor to 7HalfCents.com.

Here’s to a bright 2016 and to much more nerdiness in the new year!

-Bradley J.


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