It’s Not Hamilton, But You Could JUST PRETEND

I am trying to focus on writing today’s post, but I am too busy listening to Hamilton.  Maybe it’s just foolish to be dropping a new video from your humble little show that premiered in your hometown on a day when most Broadway aficionados are abuzz with the release of the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s super-popular, super-ground-breaking, super-phat-beatz-n-rhymz-bustin’ new musical.  Maybe I’m just pretending people will notice me.

But here’s trying.

Orin and I are happy to release this video of one of our favorite numbers from our not-so-much-phat-beatz-as-what-we-hope-is-smart-sophisticated-tuneful-and-soul-filling show, Just Pretend.  It premiered June 27, 2015 at Youth Sing Praise.  This scene sets up the song “Faith Enough.”  Esther has just heard a decree that she is to be part of a contest to find a new Queen of Persia; her uncle, Mordechai, urges her forward despite her misgivings.

We will be sharing some other freshly-mastered excerpts from the show in the coming weeks.  Look for a full soundtrack to be available by Christmas.  Thanks to all for your support of this new work thus far.  Interested in learning more?  Head over to our official website here.

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