Bradley J. ‘Down Unda’

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No, I didn’t see Hugh Jackman.  But I held my breath every day that he might walk into his alma mater—Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) in Perth—where I attended and presented at the Musical Theatre Educators’ Alliance Conference (MTEA) in June.  The conference introduced so many ideas, I can’t share them all here at one time.  I’m working on a number of pieces for the coming weeks to help disseminate some of the knowledge, discussions, and trends we explored in Perth.  A few of those ideas will include:

-The Australian voice in musical theatre

-The belt voice

-Collegiate musical theatre training across Australasia

With Thursday’s post, I will start sharing installments of my own research on the relationship between Broadway music and popular music.  My paper, Reclaiming the Top Forty, is the reason I was able to go to Australia in the first place.  Thanks to SDSU, the SDSU Research Foundation, and Rob Meffe for making this happen.

Speaking of SDSU, this is a great time to mention that our very own MFA Musical Theatre program at will be hosting the next MTEA conference in January!  If you are interested in attending, check out this link.

Check out a few photos from my adventures in Australia.  If you’re feeling stout-hearted, you can see the full gallery here.

To help you succeed in your future travels, one pronounces “WAAPA” just like an Australian would order a hamburger at Burger King. Cheers, mate!

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