Perhaps a Little Too Meta

Hey, nerds!

See, I told you that would start to have a nice ring to it.  Oh, you’re not convinced yet?  Well, give it time.

At the risk of going a little too meta this week, I’m blogging about…blogging.  In particular, I stumbled–while blogging–upon this great web series called #TellMeTony.  It gives some great advice to performers about how to go about making their online presence a bit more spiffy and a lot more effective.  Now, 7 1/2 Cents was not designed to be the kind of micro-blog that Tony Howell describes.  No, we like to dig in a little more here.  Talk shop.  Chew fat.  Drink beer.  But considering how many readers of this blog are performers, I thought it had some ideas worth exploring.  This also brings up something important:  I will have a new website ready to unveil very soon.  It will be home to all kinds of photos, press bits, media samples, and the like.  I am excited to share it with you.  Soon.  So that’s announcement number one.

Announcement number two is that we are mere weeks from opening The Great American Trailer Park Musical here at SDSU.  Our dramaturgs have crafted a terrific blog, and so if you wanted to find out all about the cast members, about the town of Starke, Florida, or about the history of plastic pink flamingos, you could find it all in one place.  You could also, ahem…buy tickets.  And guys, if you come on Saturdays, there will be food trucks.  Seriously, BBQ at the Don Powell Theatre.  Guys!

Third, because it is my baby, the deadline for Youth Sing Praise applications is this Wednesday, April 15.  Know a high school student who loves musical theatre and would benefit from a week-long retreat where they will put on a full-length, faith-based musical?  You do?  Oh, but they’re not into premiering a brand-new musical based on the Book of Esther?  Oh, well then, in that case, certainly don’t have them go here.

Lastly, I am bursting with things to tell you.  Loads of news happened last week, and much more is in the works.  I am going to make up for the few weeks that I’ve been lax in blogging with a couple of bonus posts this week and next.

So, I’ll see you soon.  Check out the video from #TellMeTony, and then #TellMe what you think about it in the comment section below.

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