I mean, sure, we’ve been working on this musical for thirteen months now, but it’s hard to say, “I’m writing a musical,” and have anyone take you seriously unless you have a logo.  So here you go, world:  our new logo.  Many thanks to the incredibly talented–and new father–Mr. Alex Matthews.

Orin and I are gearing up for a workshop performance of the show next weekend.  We are excited–and terrified–to have a number of St. Louis theatre professionals, Youth Sing Praise Board-types, and loved ones see and respond to our work.  Loads more to come from this part of the process.

We also have some social media to unveil.  So connect with us:

Esther on Twitter!

Esther on Facebook!

Esther on Google+!

And as I stated in my last post, here is the Just Pretend website!

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