Something’s Coming: Part 2

Here’s the second installment of a series of blog posts from the journal I kept discerning grad school.  When I was going through this process, I talked to my trusted friends and consulted a number of blogs of complete strangers just to gather as much information as possible.  Are YOU thinking about a MFA in acting?  Go to my Connect page and drop me a comment.  I would love to talk to you.  You can also follow this blog from that page.


Oct. 2, 2013

My friend Joy has been sitting on my shoulder for a year now.  After West Side Story one night, she pulled me aside and–completely out of the blue–said, “You need to go get your MFA in acting.”  It was a sincere comment, and I took it to heart almost immediately.  Aside from being a trusted friend, I respect her and her work immensely.  I didn’t take it lightly that she was giving me unsolicited advice and that she was telling me something I had been pondering for a while now.  But could I do it?

This sounds a bit melodramatic, but that’s because it’s important to me to weigh my options and seek the opinions of those who I trust.  I need as much help as possible to process all of this.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to say what I truly want, but I am realizing that an MFA is what I want.  All the work I need to make that happen and the leap of faith that I will need to leave my current life is quite scary.

I am going to pursue this.

I had a great talk with Joy at last night’s Drowsy Chaperone rehearsal.  I basically spilled my guts.  I told her that I think it’s time, and that all arrows seem to be pointing towards this big life change.  She responded:  “I can tell!”

Comment from my 2014 self:  Even though this was a short journal entry, it held three important ideas.  First of all, I actually made a decision and then stated what I wanted.  I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but it was worthwhile for me to state that I wanted something in my life to be different.  It’s an important step to take if you actually want something in your life to be different.  Secondly, I was already using words like “trust” and “faith.”  Things have a way of working out for the best.  Take heart in that.  Lastly, talk to someone.  Talk to anyone.  Maybe what you want isn’t so earth-shattering.  And maybe people are willing to help you achieve it.

Something’s Coming:  Part 1

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